Art has been a part of my life since I was a child.  I was inspired by so many things as a kid and the world around me.


My biggest influences as a child was Star Wars and Comic books.  Star Wars showed me how to play using my imagination and it taught me that anything is possible if you believe in it.  The comics sparked the imagination to as they showed me how to draw whatever came to mind.

Today I am working on my own line of fine art that includes the very fire trucks I have been around and worked off of. These drawings and paintings are inspired by my love of Fire trucks and of course being in the fire department for all of these years. 


The love of animals has always existed since my days of living on a farm and today I am putting that love of animals in drawings and paintings to some day give back to them for conservation and protection.


Pictured is myself with my two year old Husky named "Dasher". He brought me to the love of wolves just from pure curiosity of his breed and realizing how close he was. This guy gave me a hard time constantly as he was extremely smart. I  miss him and hope he is well in his new home.

My art is my passion and I am fueled by the work of so many artist friends ,some I consider to be mentors like Noah Elias, DIck Kramer and Dru Blair. These three have influenced me tremendously and continue inspire me to follow my dreams as an artist.

My art is availible in print and some originals are available  for purchase. Today I do not take commission work at this time ,but this is to further my work in wildlife and build my portfolio


Thank you for visiting  my site and please let me know what you think as I love to hear from you.

Kevin Scott Jacobs